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Welcome to Troytown-GreyAbbey’s Free Seminar and education website

We have put together a wide range of videos to help the horse owner and trainers  with the care of the horse

We have a wide range interesting videos on important topics such as  as Navicular Disease, Laminitis and Colic in horses   All of these videos are presented by highly experience equine vets from troy town


Navicular DiseaseNavicular Disease Seminar

This seminar explains Navicular disease, how to diagnose and treat it!


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LaminitisLaminitis in Horses

Laminitis can have many causes. This seminar helps you understand laminitis and the treatment options.


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ColicColic In Horses

Colic in horses is misunderstood by many.

In this seminar Warren Schofield demystifies

Colic in Horses.

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Lung DiseaseLung Disease Seminar

in this Seminar Hugh Dillon explains how to prevent and treat Lung Disease.

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No Foot No HorseTaking Care of a Horse’s Feet

No Foot No Horse, as old adage says! In this

seminar, Hugh Dillon talks about taking care

of your horses feet.

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Horse LamenessHorse Lameness Seminar

Warren Schofield  on the latest developments in Diagnosing Lameness in Horses


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Overland-scope-on-horse-closer-crop-282x300 Free Seminar on Wind Conditions in Horses

In this seminar held in Punchestown, Hugh Dillon presents  to Leading Irish Horses trainers on Wind Conditions in Horses

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Equine Vetinary Hospital Troytown Greay Abbey, Presentation on Size of Heart in Race Horses - YouTube Heart Size: Is Big Always Better, by Prof. Celia Marr

In this Seminar Professor Celia Marr Discusses the implications of Heart Size on performance.


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